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Monday – Sunday 7:00AM – 3:00PM

MOLLIE’s all-day cafe, located in the lobby, offers a selection of thoughtfully crafted grab-and-go hot and cold breakfast options and a selection of pastries. Here, you will find small batch coffee sourced from Sightglass along with matcha, various teas, fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and an ample variety of snacks.

Sightglass is an independent coffee company that sources and roasts the finest coffees from around the world. They travel to origin each year and work directly with coffee producers to build relationships and ensure that their coffees are of the highest quality.

Restaurant & Bar


Food – 7:00AM – 9:00PM

Drinks – 11:00AM - 12:00AM

The culinary program at MOLLIE focuses on hearty ingredients – decadent cheeses, cured meats, rich braises, and comforting starches & grains – balanced with seasonal vegetables. Complementing the hotel’s culinary offerings, MOLLIE’s beverage program by Gin & Luck, the group behind the critically acclaimed Death & Co brand is centered around modern classic cocktails, combining familiar recipes with seasonally-driven ingredients and flavors.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily and year-round outdoor heated seating is available on two terraces.

Roof Terrace

Set on MOLLIE’s third floor is the roof terrace, featuring a spa pool and lounge seating, where guests can enjoy a distinctive menu of snacks and beverages. The roof terrace sets itself apart with its unobstructed, expansive 180 degree view of Aspen Mountain, a rare amenity in downtown Aspen.