Sightglass Coffee at MOLLIE Aspen

Beyond the Bean: Unveiling Sightglass Coffee at MOLLIE Aspen

Coffee isn’t just a morning jolt; it’s a journey. At MOLLIE Aspen, we understand that true luxury resides in considered details, woven into experiences that nourish the soul. And that’s why we’re proud to partner with Sightglass Coffee, whose meticulously sourced and roasted beans elevate your cup into a mini-adventure.


Discover Sightglass Coffee at MOLLIE Aspen


Forget mass-produced, burnt offerings. Sightglass Coffee treats coffee like the seasonal fruit it is, carefully selecting freshly harvested lots directly from origin. Every cup is a testament to their meticulous approach, a symphony of intuition, smell, and sight, meticulously orchestrated through their vintage PROBAT roaster.


More than just a delicious beverage, Sightglass offers a connection. Knowing your coffee’s story – where it grew, who nurtured it, the journey it took – fosters a deeper appreciation for the final sip. And at MOLLIE, we share this philosophy. We believe in creating a haven for the well-traveled soul, a place where considered details weave a sense of respite and acceptance.


Coffee by the fire at MOLLIE Aspen


Imagine this: you sink into a plush armchair by the hearth, the warmth chasing away the mountain chill. In your hands, a steaming cup of Sightglass coffee, its aroma carrying you to sun-drenched farms in distant lands. Each sip is a layered experience, nuanced and honest, reflecting the dedication of passionate farmers and skilled roasters.


This isn’t just coffee; it’s a mindful indulgence, a moment of respite woven into the fabric of your MOLLIE experience. So, come discover Sightglass Coffee at MOLLIE Aspen. Let your taste buds journey beyond the ordinary, and find yourself welcomed by a cup that tells a story, just waiting to be savored.

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